Full Name
Jodie McAfee
Job Title
SVP, Sales & Marketing
Jodie McAfee is Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing at Inscape, a leading provider of automatic content recognition (ACR) technologies and comprehensive cross-screen metrics for broadcasters and advertisers.

A media and marketing veteran, Jodie has led the strategic execution for advanced video advertising, interactive TV and content acquisition initiatives for more than two decades.

Prior to Inscape, Jodie was General Manager at Samsung AdHub, where he led the development and introduction of Samsung’s multi-screen advertising platform across US and European markets, while overseeing many of Samsung’s partnerships with major agencies and Fortune 500 brands both domestically and internationally.

Previous to Samsung, Jodie was involved in the creation and operation of multiple emerging companies with expertise in connected TV, iTV and advanced advertising. Jodie resides in Brooklyn, is a graduate of The University of Texas and earned a Juris Doctor degree in Entertainment Law from Whittier University.
Jodie McAfee