Full Name
John Hoctor
Job Title
Co-Founder & CEO
Data Plus Math
John is the co-founder and CEO of Data+Math. Previously, John served as the SVP and GM of Rovi’s Analytics business following the 2013 acquisition of IntegralReach. John was the CEO and co-founder of IntegralReach, which developed the first audience based sell-side system for TV. Under John’s leadership, IntegralReach’s analytics solutions were deployed by several major US cable and broadcast networks.
Prior to IntegralReach, John lead sales and business development for Microsoft’s TV advertising business following the 2008 acquisition of Navic Networks. Prior to the Microsoft acquisition, John served as the VP of Business Development and Marketing for Navic Networks. Navic Networks focused on developing advanced advertising and set-top data collection solutions for the TV industry.
John holds an SM and SB in Mechanical Engineering from MIT.
John Hoctor