Advanced Advertising

April 5, 2016 | Convene Conference Center


8:30 – 9:25   Networking Breakfast
9:25 – 9:30   Welcome
Louis Hillelson
VP/Group Publisher
Multichannel News, Broadcasting & Cable, Next TV
9:30 – 9:55  

Opening Keynote

Megan Clarken
President of Global Product Leadership

9:55 – 10:40  

Taking Addressable to the Next Level
Directing TV ads to particular households, based on demographics and buying habits rather than just the TV shows they tend to watch, is happening now and growing — but is that sales channel ready to claim primetime status? If so, it could be a major catalyst in the TV industry’s efforts to protect a $70-billion ad business that’s under siege from fast-growing Internet rivals. Political candidates are using addressable ads on an increased basis and some key media agencies are working with pay-TV providers on consumer campaigns — but is the category ready to explode or just continue making modest gains?


Kent Gibbons
Multichannel News


Michael Bologna
MODI Media


Jennifer Koester
SVP, Advanced Advertising Product & Data Analytics 
Cablevision Media Sales


Tracey Scheppach
EVP, Precision Video Director
Starcom MediaVest Group

10:40 – 11:25  

Programmatic Ad Sales and Buying: Beyond the Headlines
Nary a week goes by where a TV programmer or network operator or tech provider or media agency buyer doesn’t announce some type of deal, relationship or initiative around buying or selling TV advertising “programmatically.” But behind the headlines, just what is involved behind the scenes in getting ad sellers and buyers sufficiently prepared to conduct business in inherently more technologically efficient ways – and how is it really being done so far? What are buyers and sellers really achieving in their respective marches to the future, and what are the obstacles that still stand in the way?


Tim Hanlon
Managing Director
FTI Consulting



Brett Adamczyk
Vice President, Business Development and Strategy


Dan Aversano
SVP of Ad Innovation and Programmatic Solutions
Turner Broadcasting


Adam S. Gaynor
Vice President
DISH Media Sales


Chris Pizzurro
Head of Product, Sales and Marketing


11:25 – 11:45   Break
11:45 – 12:10   Case Study
12:10 – 12:55  

Data-Driven: How Big Data is Boosting the Value of TV Advertising
This panel will dive into the emerging Big Data era for TV advertising, how it’s pumping more value across the TV ecosystem and across viewing platforms, while also discussing the operational and technology(change technology to technological) challenges out on the horizon.


Jeff Baumgartner
Next TV


Jonathan Bokor
SVP, Director of Advanced Media
Starcom MediaVest Group


Helen Katz
SVP, Research Director
Starcom MediaVest Group


Mark Lieberman
President & CEO – Viamedia
Chairman – placemedia


Lance Neuhauser
4C Insights


Aleck Schleider
VP, Data & Analytics

12:55 – 2:25  

Networking Lunch: Over the Top-ics
Advanced Advertising dives deeply into the hottest discussion topics around the future of advertising and  will explore the impact of data and automation in TV advertising with this structured, curated networking session inside the main session room. Every table will have a themed discussion led by an expert on the topic, and every registered attendee will have a chance to request in advance which topic table they will be assigned to. 


People Based Measurement
Leader: Dominic Williamson, Lead, Marketing Science – Facebook


Programmatic Ad Sales and Buying
Leader: Matt Prohaska, CEO & Principal – Prohaska Consulting


Programmatic Ad Sales and Buying
Leader: Karine McMaster, Associate Media Director – Amplifi US


Programmatic Ad Sales and Buying
Leader: Chris Raleigh, Chief Commercial Officer, placemedia


Programmatic Media & Marketing
Leader: William (Bill) A. Lederer, CEO – MRP Advisers


Programmatic from the Advertiser Perspective
Leader: Bill Duggan, Group EVP – Association of National Advertisers (ANA)


Cross Platform Measurement
Leader: Jane Clarke, CEO, Managing Director – CIMM


Cross Platform Measurement
Leader: Radha Subramanyam, President of Insights, Research and Data Analytics, iHeart Media


Leader: Jennifer Koester, SVP, Advanced Advertising Product & Data Analytics – Cablevision Media Sales


Leader: Adam Gaynor, Vice President – DISH Media Sales


Audience Measurement
Leader: George Musi, Managing Partner – Analytics, Insights, and Attribution – Mindshare


Topic: TBD
Leader: Tracey Scheppach, EVP, Precision Video Director – Starcom MediaVest Group


Topic: TBD
Leader: Howard Shimmel, Chief Research Officer, Turner Broadcasting


Topic: TBD
Leader: Scott Rosenberg, VP of Advertising, Content & Services – Roku


2:25 – 2:50  


Krishan Bhatia
EVP, Business Operations and Strategy
NBC Universal

2:50 – 3:35  

Programmatic Part 2: Making Programmatic Happen
Linear TV is the last frontier for programmatic. How are major programmers adopting programmatic as a sales channel? And which platforms benefit as more TV inventory becomes available for programmatic buying?


Jane Clarke
CEO, Managing Director



3:35 – 3:55   Break
3:55 – 4:40  

Missing A Moving Target: What the TV business is measuring and what it should be measuring
The TV business is flooded with data, but still needs to make sure that it is measuring what is important to ad sellers, media buyers and advertisers. Nielsen’s new Total Audience is coming, comScore and Rentrak are getting together and the networks themselves are crunching numbers to demonstrate the attractiveness of their viewers. What numbers will be crucial to advertisers and will the industry agree to a new currency that improves upon C3 and C7?


Jon Lafayette
Business Editor
Broadcasting & Cable


Howard Shimmel
Chief Research Officer
Turner Broadcasting


Sean Muller


George Musi
Managing Partner – Analytics, Insights and Attribution 


Chris Wilson
Executive Vice President, National Television


4:40 – 5:05   Closing Keynote
5:05 – 6:00   Networking Cocktails